Best stories of Panchatantra

The Wisdom Of The Old Gander A banyan tree once grew deep within a forest. Like all banyan trees, it was a friendly tree that spread its branches wide, and allowed a host of creatures to make it their home. A flock of geese arrived every year to build their nests in the tree's leafy green canopy. The geese were very happy living in the gracious old tree, but one year, as the geese were settling in, an old gander noticed that a small vine had sprouted at the base of the tree. He was alarmed to see it, and squawked loudly, and told the other members of his flock, "This vine will surely be a danger to us if we let it grow thick and strong. It will encircle the trunks of the tree and rise up, and then it will be easy for anyone to hold onto it and climb up and seize us. I think we should uproot the vine while it is still tender, and can easily be torn out of the ground." The other geese did not pay much attention to the old gander's words. "He's always predicting

Sudarshan Kriya

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