Bedtime Audio Stories in English - The Tailor Warrior

 The Tailor Warrior Tipu was a poor tailor. All-day he toiled and lived from hand to mouth. One day, Tipu had much hard work to do for it was the wedding of some rich man's son. Up and down and in and out flew his needle and thread. When at last Tipu finished his work, he noticed that a swarm of flies was merrily sipping his tea. With a piece of cloth, Tipu gave them one big whack, and lo, they all dropped dead. "One, two, three..." Tipu began to count, "nineteen, twenty!" Tipu had an idea. Quickly he stitched a waistband for himself and on that he embroidered the words, "Twenty at one stroke!" From that day on Tipu, the tailor was never seen without his waistband. News of his strength spread far and wide. At weddings and market side gatherings, Tipu was the talk of the town. Robbers and bandits no longer harassed the townsfolk. For who would dare to lay his hand on the neighbors of a man who had killed twenty men at one stroke? And that was what every

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