Stories for Kids - Importance of Education

Stories for Kids

There lived a herd of deer in a forest. Hiranya, a wise old deer was their leader. One day his sister gave birth to a beautiful fawn and she named him Chatura. Hiranya often visited them and told his sister to bring Chatura to him when he is older so that he can educate and train him to recognize and avoid danger. Chatura grew up to be a lovely deer. He was playful and loved to have fun with other youngsters in the herd.

One day Chatura was away from the herd for a long time. Suddenly he came running back towards his mother and told her "Mother, I saw some hunters in the forest. I was chased by them for the first time but I escaped!". She then remembered her brother's words and took Chatura to meet Hiranya. She asked Hiranya to teach her son all that he must now. The next day Chatura went to Hiranya for his lessons.

Hiranya told Chatura to be punctual, disciplined, and sincere in his efforts and then only the lessons will help him. Chatura agreed and soon learned all his lessons. After completing his education Chatura joined one of the batches of the herd. Time passed by and one day when out grazing,  Chatura was caught in a trap. Chatura's mother was distraught on hearing this news from one of the members of the herd. But Hiranya consoled her saying that Chatura knows exactly what to do and he will be back.

Meanwhile, Chatura told himself not to panic and began thinking. He decided to pretend to be dead when the hunter comes. Soon Chatura heard the hunter coming and he let his head hang, and made his body stiff like a corpse. The hunter saw Chatura and told himself, "What a fat deer, but it looks as if it is dead and its flesh will rot fast. I will have to eat it here." He went to gather twigs and sticks for the fire. Chatura saw his chance, he got up and ran away. The hunter came back but it was already too late and Chatura went to his mother who was waiting for him eagerly.

Hiranya also met them and told, "You see how important education is at a young age, that is what saved your life today." Hiranya nodded in agreement and they all laughed heartily.
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