Stories for Kids - Jackal and the Weasels

Stories for Kids

A Jackal lives with his wife on the banks of a river, in a forest. One day, his wife makes a strange request. I feel like eating a plump and juicy fish today. Can you get one for me? The Jackal told his wife that he will certainly get a good fish for her and strolled down the river bank, looking for a juicy fish.

Suddenly he sees two weasels fishing in the river and observes them by standing behind a tree. One of the weasels has caught a huge fish, but the fish started dragging it into the river. The weasel started shouting at the other one "Why don't you help me with this fish rather than just standing?"

His friend comes to help and the two manage to drag the fish to the land. But now they had a problem on how the fish should be divided and started quarreling. The first one told that he has put in a lot of effort, so he will have the head while the second one argued that without his help the fish could not be brought to the shore.

The Jackal seizes the chance and runs to the scene. The weasels explained the situation to him and asked the Jackal to solve their problem and help them to divide the fish equally. The Jackal bragged that he was a judge in many such disputes and asked them to hand over the fish so that he can divide it into equal portions.

The Jackal pulls apart small pieces of the head and tail. He hands them over to the otters and says "Two equal parts for you two. And the middle portion of this juicy fish is my fee for settling your dispute amicably." 

Carrying the big portion, the jackal runs away and the two weasels cry over the loss caused by their foolishness.
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