Stories for Kids - King and the three cats

Once upon a time, there was a king whose name was vidyadhara. His chief advisor became too old and requested the king's permission to be discharged from his duties.
The king thought for a while and asked him to suggest someone who can take his place. The advisor suggested three names from the council of ministers whom he thought was capable.

Stories for Kids

The king asked the three ministers to come to his chamber and when they came he gave each one of them a cat and thousand gold coins. He asked them to use that money for taking care of the cats and bring them after one month.

One month passed by, and the ministers brought the cats along with them to the court. The first minister's cat was very chubby, the second minister's cat was normal, and the third minister's cat was very skinny.

The king asked them how they treated their cats.

The first minister told, "My king, I fed the cat with the best meat and delicacies in the kingdom whenever it felt like eating without hesitating about the cost. I spent 900 gold coins for the cat and here are the remaining 100 coins."

The second minister told "My king, as the cat's natural instinct is to find rats I left the cat in the neighborhood where rats are causing damage. However, I made sure to feed the cat with milk once a day in case it is not able to find any rats. I spent 300 gold coins for the cat and here are the remaining 700 coins."

The third minister told, "My king, I thought it is not wise to spend money on the cat and it should find a meal on its own. So I left the cat for itself and did not spend any money. Here are the 1000 gold coins."

The king asked them to leave and called his chief advisor. He told the advisor, "I am appointing the second minister for your position." The advisor smiled at the king and asked the reason.

The king told, "The first minister wasted too much money on the cat as the only useful thing that a cat can do is to catch rats. The third minister did not use the cat's skill of catching the rats and only thought of saving money. The second minister took a wise decision to solve people's problems by using the cat and also made sure the cat was healthy enough to discharge its duties."

The advisor was very happy with the king's decision and he left his duties peacefully knowing the king can do well in his absence.

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