Moral Stories for Kids I

Crane and the Jackal:

Once upon a time, there was a cunning jackal who lived in the forest. There was a wise crane who also lived in the same forest. Both of them became very good friends and shared their problems with each other. One day the jackal told the crane that he will be hosting a dinner. The jackal invited the crane for the dinner. The crane felt happy and accepted the invitation. Both of them walked together to jackal's house.

The jackal prepared nice smelling rice pudding and served it in two plates. The jackal asked the crane to start eating, but the crane found it very difficult to eat the pudding on the plate due to his long beak. The jackal laughed at the crane's situation and without any hesitation, he ate everything in his plate. The crane understood the jackal's trick but he controlled his anger. After they were done, the crane invited the jackal to come to his home the next day for lunch and the jackal readily accepted.

When the jackal arrived at the crane's house, the crane served the same rice pudding but this time in two jars with a long neck. The crane asked the jackal to start eating. The jackal found it very difficult to put his mouth in the jar whereas the crane effortlessly ate the entire pudding. Not willing to give up the jackal pushed its mouth further into the jar and it got stuck and he began screaming. The crane started laughing and helped the jackal to free its head from the jar.

The jackal understood that the crane taught him a lesson and apologized for his actions. The crane accepted the apology and they enjoyed the meal together.

Snake and the Farmer:

There was a farmer named Vishnu who lived in a village with his family. He worked very hard but could not make enough money to feed his family. One day while working on the farm he saw a huge snake under the tree. He thought everybody in the village worships the snake, but I do not and maybe that is the reason I am still poor. So he brought a cup of milk and placed it before the snake. He prayed the snake to take the milk and bless him and also asked to forgive him for not worshipping all these days. He left the place and returned home.

When he came back in the evening he was surprised to see a gold coin in the milk cup he left for the snake. He was happy that the snake blessed him and he made it a routine to keep a cup of milk every day for the snake.  He collected the gold coin every evening and soon became rich. Once he had to go to the nearby city for a few days due to some urgent work. He asked his son to take up the task of placing milk for the snake. His son also followed the same routine.

But soon he became very greedy and thought, "The snake gives only one coin daily from the nest each day. If I dig up the nest I can take all the coins at once." The next day he dug up the snake's nest but found nothing and he never saw the snake again. When Vishnu learned of the incident from his son, he was sad but could not do anything. He just advised his son to understand how his greedy actions caused nothing but damage to himself.

The cow and Tiger:

Once upon a time, there was a tiger who ruled the jungle. One day he was very hungry searching for something to eat. It saw a cow which was grazing at some distance and thought what a nice meal the cow would be. It approached the cow and exactly when it was about to attack, the cow pleaded the tiger to stop for a moment.

The tiger ferociously shouted, "You only have a minute to speak, as I am going to feast on you." The cow spoke, "Mighty tiger, I have not fed my baby properly in the morning and have come for food hastily. He will be waiting for me to feed him milk. Please spare me for a few hours, I will feed my baby and come back to become your meal." 
Though the tiger was suspicious for some reason it had sympathy towards the cow and let her go. The cow thanked the tiger, fed her baby, and entrusted his responsibility to her herd. With heavy heart, the cow went back to the tiger and told, "You can kill me now." The tiger was moved by the cow's honesty and spared its life. The cow thanked the tiger and went back to his baby who was waiting for his mother and lived happily.

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