Stories for Kids - Power of Unity

Stories for Kids

Once upon a time, there lived a flock of parrots in the jungle. A hunter used to place net every week where the parrots lived and few parrots used to get caught in the net. No matter how much care they took the hunter used to catch a few parrots and would sell them to make a living.

The parrots divided themselves into groups and decided to keep a check on the net and the groups took turns. Each time they got caught the parrots would blame the group which was in duty for not being vigilant. This led to a lot of fights and the parrots were constantly quarreling with one another.

Soon their numbers started coming down and the situation became worse. So all the parrots came to an agreement and went to Samba an elderly parrot who was the wisest of them all. Samba listened to their concern and told, "Next time when you get caught in the net, at the count of three all of you flap your wings together." They agreed and left.

As usual, the next week hunter placed the net and a bunch of parrots got caught in the net. But this time they remembered Samba's advise. At the count of three, all the parrots flapped their wings together and the net came off the ground. The parrots flew with the net in the air. After flying for some time they landed on thorny bushes which helped to cut the net and they were free.

The hunter was surprised to see that there were no birds caught and the net was torn. After several futile attempts, the hunter finally gave up as each time he faced the same situation. The birds were thankful to Samba and they lived happily for a long time in the jungle. 

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