Stories for Kids - Revengeful Foe

Stories for Kids

Once upon a time, a band of monkeys lived in the royal garden. The monkeys had a wise leader called Krishna. One day, the King's priest completed his daily rituals in the river and passed through the garden on his way to the palace. He was passing under a mango tree on which many monkeys had gathered. Chintu, a naughty monkey, threw down a mango and it fell on the priest's head which made him angry. Chintu giggled at the priest's painful cry and threw another mango at him.

The priest stopped and looked at the monkeys on the tree. He was wild with fury. When Krishna returned, the other monkeys told him about the incident and he was worried. Krishna told the monkeys that they have been foolish and advised them that it is not wise to remain in the garden anymore as they made enemies. All his faithful followers agreed to leave but some monkeys led by the wicked Chintu decided to stay back.

Krishna left with his group of monkeys to a distant garden. One day, near the royal stable where the king's elephants lived, a woman put out some rice to dry. As soon as she left the place, a goat wandered there and started nibbling at the rice. The woman saw the goat eating her rice and she ran up with burning firewood and flung it at the goat. The goat caught fire and it ran away in pain. It stopped near the stable and rubbed itself against a straw hut. The straw hut caught fire, and this soon spread to the stable. The king's elephants which were in the stable got badly burnt in the fire. After trying out various methods to cure the elephants, the caretakers approached the king and asked for his advice. 

The king looked towards the royal priest for suggestion and the royal priest saw his chance to take revenge on the monkeys. He told the king that the medical books say only monkey fat can cure serious burns and ordered to kill the monkeys in the royal garden to make a lotion with their fat and apply it on the burnt parts of the elephants. The soldiers hunted down all the monkeys in the royal garden and only one young monkey was able to escape.

He went gasping to the new garden where Krishna was residing and fell at this feet. Krishna heard about the incident and said it is foolish to live in a place where you have made enemies and shook his head in sorrow as nothing could be done now.
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