Stories for Kids - The Four Friends

Stories for Kids

Once upon a time, a duck, an ant, frog, and a crow were friends. They used to meet in the evening and would have a nice time. The duck would bring fishes, the crow would venture into the nearby village and bring grains, the ant would bring nectar and the frog would bring insects. They shared their food.

It was breeding time and the duck laid eggs in her nest on the grassy bank. One day, the crow flew hurriedly to the duck with a warning. The crow saw a herd of elephants heading towards the nest that may trample the nest. Soon the duck heard the elephants approaching. She was determined to save her eggs. She stepped forward boldly and spoke to the elephant leader. "O King, My nest is in your way. Please do not harm it." The elephant king was surprised at the duck's courage and ordered his herd to march carefully.

The herd moved away carefully but there was one rogue elephant that rushed towards her nest. The duck again pleaded to have mercy and take a different route. But the rogue elephant did not listen to her and said, "You silly duck, who are you to order me?". The elephant trampled the eggs and went away as the duck watched miserably. This angered the duck and she swore to take revenge on the rogue elephant.

The duck called for the crow, ant, and the frog and told them about the incident. They listened to the duck and were ready to help. The duck first asked the crow to peck the elephant's eyes out. Then she asked the ant to lay eggs in the elephant's eyes. Finally, she told the frog to croak from a dry well. Everyone agreed to what the duck said.

When the rough elephant was roaming the forest, the crow flew down and pecked his eyes out. As he wandered in pain, the ant climbed on to him and laid eggs in his eye sockets. Soon, the eggs hatched and the tiny ants started biting him. Crying in pain, he searched for water to wash his eyes. The frog sat inside a dry well and croaked loudly. The elephant was misled by the frog's croaking. He moved towards the dry well and fell into it. The duck was finally happy to teach the elephant a good lesson and thanked her friends for their cooperation.

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