Stories for Kids - The Greedy King

Stories for Kids

Once upon a time king, Chitrasen ruled over a prosperous city. Being a greedy king, he never thought about the welfare of his subjects. One day, a young man came to Chitrasen's court with an exciting offer. He told the king that he knew of three unguarded wealthy cities and he can help the king conquer them.

The young man asked the king if he can be ready for it in three days but the greedy king did not want to lose much time and told that his men will be ready in just two days.

The young man left asking to inform him when the army is ready. In two days Chitrasen's army was ready and he ordered his soldiers to summon the youth. But nobody knew him and asked where he lived. Then Chitrasen remembered that he had forgotten to ask the young man his name and address.

The king's soldiers looked everywhere but the young man could not be traced. The king regretted that he had let an excellent chance slip by and with this grief, he soon fell ill. His condition worsened as days passed by. The doctors could not cure him. Everybody was in despair and suddenly a stranger appeared and offered to treat the king.

Though the ministers were in doubt as even the doctors could not cure the king they had no choice and led him to the king. The stranger asked the king, "Greatest of the kings, why are you lying on a single bed when you are wealthy and you can have four beds to lie on."

The king got angry and asked him how could he sleep on four beds at the same time.

The stranger replied "You're right, similarly why do you want to conquer three more cities when you're already king of the great kingdom? In your greed for the power you have ruined your health and peace of mind."

The king realized his folly and decided never to be greedy again and lived happily with his people.
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