Stories for Kids - The Smart Sheep

Stories for Kids

In the mountains, there lived hundreds of sheep. Not far from the caves lived Jasmine and Ruby a Jackal couple. One day Jasmine and Ruby set out in search of food. They saw the plump sheep and thought to make the sheep's meat as their staple food. They grabbed some sheep, killed them, and ate them. This continued day after day. Both the jackals grew fat as they were eating meat daily. 

Among the goats was Shikara, a fleshy sheep. She was smart and clever and always eluded Ruby and Jasmine. They hatched a plan to kill Shikara and have a feast of her. Ruby told Jasmine, "Go and befriend her. I will lie down and pretend to be dead. You can then bring her to me and we can feast on her." As per their plan, Jasmine made friends with Shikara and told her, "My husband is dead and I need help." Shikara agreed to help and Jasmine led her to Ruby. Jasmine told Shikara that she is her only friend and she must come and pray for her husband's soul. However when they were almost there, Ruby in his eagerness to kill Shikara opened his eye. Smart Shikara noticed it and ran off to her cave.

Jasmine and Ruby quarreled between themselves. Ruby blamed Jasmine that she let Shikara run away while Jasmine blamed Ruby for opening his eyes. They decided to try again and Jasmine approached Shikara and told, "You have brought life to my dead husband and we are grateful to you. Please come home for dinner. Ruby wants to thank you personally." Shikara knew that it was a trap. But she decided to play along and accepted the request. Jasmine being greedy asked Shikara to bring her friends as well if she wanted to. Shikara then replied, "Sure! I will come with a hundred fierce dogs who are my friends, so prepare enough food or they may eat up your husband!". 

Jasmine got frightened on hearing this and asked Shikara not to bother coming if she was really busy and fled the place along with Ruby and never came back to bother the sheep.
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