Stories for Kids - Trust in Friendship

Stories for Kids

Once upon a time, there was a lion named Singam and a tiger named shera. Both of them were great friends. They used to hunt together and share their meals. Jacky the jackal who could not hunt on its own made friends with them and lived on leftovers from their meals. Jacky got great food because of Shera and Singam. But it got greedy and thought, "I have tasted all kinds of meat except the flesh of a lion and tiger."

Jacky thought of a plan and approached Singam and asked what is the problem between you and Shera. Singam told that he has no idea what Jacky was speaking about and asked what is the issue. Jacky replied, "When I was speaking to Shera today he told me that you are not his equal and he is not happy with your ways too!". But wise Singam did not believe a single word Jacky said and warned him to go away before he gets killed.

Jacky understood that his plan failed and so he ran from there and went to Shera. He repeated the same plan with Shera but poor Shera not being as wise as Singam believed Jacky's words and confronted Singam. Singam was puzzled and upset but he told to Shera, "Let us not quarrel over what someone else says about us, I am sure Jacky intends mischief." Shera realized his mistake and apologized to Singam and told him that he will not spare Jacky for this. Jacky realized that his game was up and sneaked away.

Shera and Singam's friendship lasted for a very long time.
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