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Saint Rajananda lived in a village and people there revered him as a great saint and flocked to him. But he was, in fact, a wily fellow in search of easy wealth. So he grew a beard and hair to look like a sadhu. Ram, the village chief, was a trusting man. He believed Rajananda to be a real saint and worshipped him sincerely. He even built an ashram for Rajananda. People gathered there in great numbers every day. Ram was very wealthy. He always feared that he might fall easy prey to robbers. So he entrusted his wealth to Rajananda.

Rajananda told that he will keep his wealth safe inside his Ashram and Ram went home assured and satisfied. But Rajananda had a scheme in his mind. In the next few days, he buried Ram's wealth in a nearby grove and filled the boxes in Ashram with stones. He decided to dig it up when he left the village. Meanwhile, he wished to highlight his honesty. His plan materialized very soon. The very next day, Ram invited Rajananda home for lunch. After the meal was over Rajananda told Ram, "My son, I have been here for long and sages like me should always be on the move. As I have no possessions to pack up, I am leaving right now."

Although Ram pleaded that he changed his mind, Rajananda decided to leave. Ram requested Rajananda to allow him to escort to the outskirts of the village. Rajananda thanked Ram for his hospitality and advised him to be truthful and honest in his life. Rajananda thought that when Ram will come to know that his treasure has been stolen he may suspect him. So he decided to convince Ram that he is honest. He took a straw and put it in his hair and returned to the village.

When he reached Ram's home Ram greeted him and asked what brought his holiness back. Rajananda replied that straw from Ram's roof got stuck in his hair and since it is not his property he came back to return it to Ram. Rajananda handed the straw to Ram who was overwhelmed by the saint's honesty.

In a few hours, Chandu, Ram's friend called on him. Ram spoke highly about Rajananda and the straw incident. This set Chandu thinking on why Rajananda took so much pain to return a tiny straw. Chandu was further shocked when Ram told that he had left his wealth in Rajananda's custody. Then Chandu immediately asked Ram if Rajananda has returned his wealth. Ram told, "No, but I am sure it is safe in the Ashram." Chandu expressed his suspicion and they rushed to the Ashram. They searched for Ram's wealth but the boxes and shelves in the Ashram were empty.

Chandu immediately told Ram to hurry up as Rajananda could not have gone very far and started searching for him. When Rajananda saw the two men he started running. He was carrying Ram's money in a large bundle. The men caught and thrashed the fake saint. They haded him to King's men. 

Ram thanked Chandu for his timely help and Chandu advised Ram not to trust a stranger blindly.
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