Short stories for Kids - The crow and Python

Once upon a time, there was a crow couple living on the top of a banyan tree in the King's garden. As it was in the palace there was plenty of food always available for them. There was a python that was living under the same tree. The crows and the python made an agreement that they would not disturb each other and would live cordially. Since they did not have a problem with each other time went by without any hassles.

After a few months, the female crow laid eggs in the nest and the couple was very excited about the babies. They did not worry about the python living below since there was no issue for a very long time and all was good. As there was a festival approaching the king's soldiers cleaned up the whole garden and most of the animals living in the garden left because of the fear that the soldiers may kill them. Due to this, it became very difficult for the python to get food. After a few days, the python grew impatient and decided to feast on the crow's eggs.

The python waited for the right time, and when both the crows left the nest to get some food it ate up all the crow's eggs and fled. Both the crows returned to the nest to find remains of the eggs and it did not take much time for the crows to understand what happened. They felt very sad and cried over the eggs but finally decided to teach the python a lesson. They discussed and made a plan for it.

When the King came for a walk into the garden, one crow distracted the soldiers accompanying him and the other snatched away his valuable necklace. The soldiers panicked and chased the crow flying away with the king's necklace. As planned, the crow led the soldiers to the Python's nest and dropped the necklace in it. The soldiers started digging the nest to get to the necklace and found the python in it. They immediately killed the python and retrieved the King's necklace. 

The crows were finally satisfied as the Python got what it deserved.

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