Short stories for Kids - The ducks and The Turtle

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful forest that was full of lakes. The lakes were always full of water due to heavy rains and the wildlife prospered. There were two ducks who lived by the lake as there were good fish available and they never had to worry about hunger. They became friends with a turtle who lived nearby. They used to share their food and play together.

As days passed by, there was a severe drought and most of the lakes have dried up. As there were no water fishes started dying slowly and their number decreased. Due to this, the ducks were having a hard time finding enough food. So they decided to leave that place and started searching for a place where there was food. After searching for days, they finally found a huge lake far away which has an abundance of food and water. 

When it was time to make a move, they told their turtle friend about the plan. The turtle was sad as it cannot fly and travel with them. The ducks understood the turtle's situation. They decided to hatch a plan. After much thinking, an idea struck them. They went to the turtle and told " We will hold a stick with our beaks at each end and you have to get a grip of the stick in the middle by biting with your mouth. Then we can fly and reach our destination. But there is a problem"

The turtle asked, "What is the problem?" The ducks knew that the turtle's talkative nature and they feared that during the flight the turtle may open its mouth. So they warned the turtle that if he opens the mouth then that would be the end. The turtle assured that it will keep its mouth shut.

Finally, they took off with the turtle holding on to the stick with its mouth. When they traveled over a nearby village during the journey the kids were surprised at the sight of ducks and tortoise in air and started cheering. As they continued cheering, the turtle felt they are cheering for him and he forgot that he was in the air. He opened his mouth to acknowledge them back. He fell to the ground and died. The ducks were sad that the turtle could not keep his mouth shut and understood that too much blabbering will lead to one's destruction.

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