Bedtime Stories for Kids - The bird on the High Hills

The Bird On The High Hills

In a forest of pine trees atop the Hangi hills dwelt a wonderful bird. Merchants, king's officers, and travelers who passed through the forest were charmed to hear the birds singing. There was some magic in the bird's voice which kept a listener happy for days together. The king of the land heard about the strange bird. He said, "Only if I could get it, I could live a happier life." Those who heard the king express such a desire were sure of a handsome reward only if they could capture the bird for the king. Some of them went atop the hills and passed a long time looking for the bird But they could not see even a feather of it. Some fellows who thought themselves clever caught other birds and carried them to the king. They were punished for trying to deceive the king. Below the hills, in a small hamlet, lived a young man.