Bedtime Stories for Kids - The Cure For A Snob

The Cure For A Snob

Once upon a time, there lived a wealthy merchant in the city of Varanasi. The merchant's son used to go to school. He was escorted by a boy named Katahaka who was the son of a maidservant in the merchant's household. Katahaka carried the wooden slate for his master's son and waited at the entrance of the school. When the merchant's son came out of the school, Katahaka followed him home. The merchant's son was affectionate towards Katahaka. Whatever he learned, he imparted to Katahaka. Varanasi, the prosperous city, had many merchants. But it was Katahaka's master alone who was known as the Merchant of Varanasi. So much famous and respected he was! Many noblemen visited the merchant's house. Katahaka imitated their conduct and styles of speech and learned to behave in a refined manner. Days passed. Katahaka grew up to be a young man. He did sundry works for his master's household. But he was ambitious. One day he thought, "Must I remain a servant forever? No. I must set my life on a different course." He knew that his master had a dear friend in a faraway state who was famous as the Merchant of Pratyanta.