Bedtime stories for Kids - Greater Fools Found

Greater Fools Found

By the side of the forest lived a clever young man and his innocent wife. One evening while the young man was out for gathering wood, a fellow came shivering for cold and sat down near the fire which the lady was raking. "Where from do you come?" asked the innocent young lady. "From heaven!" replied the fellow who was a cheat. "I had never met a traveler from heaven earlier. Well, my father died a few months ago. I wonder if he is somewhere in heaven," mused the lady. "He is. In fact, we share the same room," said the cheat. "How wonderful! How is he?" "He is fine, but it is awfully cold up there in heaven. He yearns for a coat," replied the cheat. "My heart breaks at the thought of my poor father shivering for cold. Will you mind taking my husband's coat and giving it to him?" asked the lady imploringly. "I don't mind!" replied the cheat. The lady handed over her husband's coat to the fellow and he left with a chuckle. A little later arrived the husband. "I know you'd be the last person to feel the loss of your coat when you know that your poor father-in-law is enjoying its comfort in heaven," said the young lady. When the young man heard what had happened to his coat, he sighed and said, "My dear wife, you are such a fool that I find it extremely difficult to live with you?"