Bedtime Stories for Kids - The Reward

 The Reward

In ancient China lived a rich landlord whose only child was Tong, a son. "My son, when I die, do feed the people of our village sumptuously. Build a beautiful monument in my memory. Do you promise to do so?" the landlord would ask his son. "I promise, father," Tong would reply. "That is like a good boy. I have heard my father and grandfather saying that a son who is devoted to his father is loved by the nymphs. However, I hope, I will leave enough wealth for you to do the needful," the landlord would say. This was when Tong was a child. By the time the landlord died, he had grown up to be a young man. But unfortunately, the landlord's luck had waned and he had become a pauper at the time of his death. "It was my father's fond desire that all the people of our village be fed and a monument is erected upon his death. I will fail in my duty if I do not fulfill his wish," Tong told his friends. "It is foolish of you to say so now that you are a poor man" commented his friends. But Tong was not influenced by others. He wrote on a board his own price if anyone would like to have him as a life long servant and hung the board on his chest and sat in the slave market. The price he demanded himself was quite high. So many would-be buyers saw him, but none would have him. A nobleman happened to pass through the market towards the close of the day. He saw Tong and read what was written on the board.