Bedtime Stories for Kids - Touched without Touching

Touched Without Touching

There was a small forest near a locality. A hermit lived in the forest. The villagers respected him much and they had built a spacious cottage for him. Two young men, Ananda and Bhairav, out in search of true knowledge, became his disciples. Both took abode with him. The hermit instructed them in the primary code of conduct they were to follow. "Do not touch gold and women," he said. "This discipline will help you stick to the path you have chosen. Hermits that you are, you need not cultivate any particular familiarity with anybody. However, whenever someone is in genuine difficulty and needs your help, give him the help by all means, to the best of your ability." Every day the guru, as well as the disciples, went a-begging. The villagers were generous in giving alms to them and that is why they were not required to wander about for long. The disciples had enough time to discuss problems of philosophy and religion with the guru. One day, out to collect alms, Ananda saw a small boy weeping, standing on the road. "What is the matter with you?" asked Ananda. "My master gave me a gold chain for handing it over to the goldsmith. All of a sudden a fellow snatched it from my hand and ran away. What am I to do? My master may not believe what I say!" said the boy. "Can you recognize the thief?" asked Ananda. "I can," replied the boy. Ananda and the boy took to the road which the thief had taken. They crossed the village and came near a river.