Bedtime Stories for Kids - The Worth of An Art

The Worth of An Art

The king's heralds announced, "There will be a festival in the capital. People talented in various arts are invited to gather before the palace and demonstrate their talents. The king will be pleased to give rewards to those who are found really gifted." Hundreds flocked to the capital. While some went to demonstrate their talents, others went to witness the demonstrations. In front of the palace, there was a field. It was cleared of bushes. Camps were erected there for those who came to participate in the competitions. Slowly the camps were filled with people. Among them were magicians, musicians, sportsmen, dramatists, and inventors. In a village lived a pundit, a learned scholar. He could explain the complex problems of philosophy in a simple style. His neighbor, Uttam, was an accomplished archer. Both proceeded to the capital, together. On their way, they were joined by Ramsingh who was an expert at stick manipulation. He too was on his way to the festival to show how to handle the stick for both defensive and offensive purposes. They had to pass through the forest. Uttam observed, "I feel quite rewarded for having mastered archery. It is an art which, on one hand, can protect myself and others: on the other hand it can earn me a living."