Stories For Kids in English - A Silent Exchange

 A Silent Exchange

Stories For Kids in English

Long ago there lived a king. One day, as he held his court, a messenger was ushered in. He was the envoy of another king. The stranger bowed to the king, walked up to the throne, and drew a line around it with a piece of charcoal. He did not speak a single word. "What does this mean?" asked the king. But the stranger made no reply. The ruler was greatly perplexed. He ordered his ministers and councillors to explain the meaning of the line around him. But alas, they only gave him a blank look. The four wise men of the realm were then summoned but they, too, failed to interpret the message. "Is there none in the whole of my land who is clever enough to read the meaning behind this mysterious line?" cried the king. He was indeed very angry. He gave the four men of wisdom just three days to find someone who could explain the meaning of the line. If they failed, their heads would be chopped off, he warned them. They looked at the messenger to get some clue. But he remained silent and stood still as a stone.