Bedtime Audio Stories - The Cobbler's Miracle

The Cobbler's Miracle 

Long, long ago there lived a king who was a just and righteous ruler, ever concerned about the welfare of his people. Every evening, in the disguise of a poor mendicant, he wandered in the streets of his realm, to get to know his subjects better. One stormy night, he saw a dim light glimmering far away close to a forest. He headed towards it and reached a hut. Songs in praise of God flowed out from it. The king felt happy and was eager to meet the singer. "Could I have some shelter and a morsel of bread?" he asked, knocking the door. The chantings stopped and a gentle voice said, "Please do come in. A guest is a gift from the Lord." The king entered and saw a man with a long white beard, sitting by the fireside. His face had a contended look, with bright shining eyes and a quiet smile. "Welcome, Friend! Today I'm indeed blessed, for I've someone to share my food," he said placing a dishful of tasty items before the surprised king. After their meal and a good drink of warm fresh milk, they talked about many things. Then the king asked, "My good friend how do you earn your living? What's your trade?" "I'm only a cobbler," replied the man. "In the morning I go about mending people's shoes. And when evening comes, with all my day's earnings I buy a good meal." "But what about tomorrow?" enquired his guest.

"When the stars begin to twinkle, To God, I pray, He graciously provides my needs, Day after day!" sang the cobbler. The king very much enjoyed talking with his host and then took his leave saying he would come again. The following morning, the royal herald proclaimed with a beating of the drum, that nobody should give his shoes for repair that day. In the evening, the king again called on the cobbler. He found him relishing a good meal. "What did you do today?" he asked. "My Friend, when I went to the market place and heard the royal proclamation, I stitched clothes for some of the citizens and earned my daily bread," replied the old man. "Oh!" exclaimed the king. "When I heard the announcement myself, I was so very anxious about you! But, what would you do if even stitching were to be forbidden?" The cobbler forthwith replied, "When the stars begin to twinkle, To God, I pray, He graciously provides my needs, Day after day!"