Bedtime Audio Stories in English - The Strange Dolphin

 The Strange Dolphin

Chen, a handsome young Chinese scholar, was a wonder with poetry. But poetry did not earn him much money. So, he decided to find a job so that his parents could live more comfortably. After a long search, he found employment on a navy general's staff as a secretary. One day, out on a cruise, the General took up his bow and wounded a dolphin. It was brought on board. Surprisingly, there was a small fish hanging on to the tail of the dolphin and however much the crew tried, they could not separate it from the dolphin. The pitiful sight moved Chen very much and he pleaded for their lives. The General conceded to his request and returned the dolphin and the fish to the water after Chen had tended to the dolphin's wound. A few months passed before Chen had an urge to sail once again. He had sailed some distance when the weather suddenly became bad and tossed the boat up and down. Soon, it sank. Chen caught hold of a raft and, after floating on the waves for a long time, reached an unknown shore. He saw a beautiful forest, filled with wonderful shrubs and flowers. As he walked he came upon some charming damsels. Hiding behind bushes he followed them till they reached a clearing. There he met a boy holding a hound. The boy told him that this was a hunting group from the palace and cautioned Chen that he had better leave the place. Otherwise, he might be killed.

Chen went away and a little later reached a building that he took to be a monastery. He went in. It turned out to be a grand palace. He lost himself in its maze. Soon the hunting group reached the palace and its members began frolicking in the lovely garden of the palace. Among them, Chen spied the beautiful princess. This frightened him even more, for what punishment will she pronounce against him if he is found out? As the group passed by him, he saw a red handkerchief fall on the floor. He picked it up and wrote a beautiful poem on it. A maid who happened to pass by saw Chen. She snatched the handkerchief from Chen and she was aghast to see the writing on it. It was a handkerchief carried by the princess all the time. The maid went into the hall to show it to the princess. Chen was very frightened. After some time the maid came out carrying some food for Chen and passed on to him the message that the princess had forgiven him. Chen spent the night there. As he got up he saw the maid hurrying towards him. He was puzzled. He was told that the queen had chanced on the handkerchief and that she was furious. He was further cautioned that some royal guards were coming to take him, prisoner. Chen turned ashen and knew that there was no escape for him. Just then another maid, passing by, saw him and exclaimed, "Oh, I have to tell the queen." And she rushed away. The strange behavior of the maid was a riddle to Chen. When Chen was finally escorted to her Majesty, instead of finding a furious queen he faced one in good spirits. Chen pleaded for forgiveness, told her his story, and fell on his knees.

The queen told Chen that he was pardoned and requested him to forgive her for having frightened him. Chen was surprised at the queen's attitude. Seeing the amazement on Chen's face, the queen told him that as the king of their kingdom was away she had to be careful of strangers. Then she added that it was the second maid who had saved him from being executed. Chen was even more puzzled. The queen went on to say that some time back she had changed herself into a dolphin and her maid had become a small fish. On her way back to the palace when she was wounded it was Chen who had tended to her wound and pleaded for her life. The second maid, on seeing him, recognized immediately and told the queen about the stranger. Out of gratitude the queen then asked Chen what he wanted as a gift. He looked towards the princess but could not tell the queen that he would like to marry her! The queen understood Chen's mind. She knew too that the princess had taken a liking for the handsome poet. She brought about their marriage which was conducted with due pomp and ceremony. Thereafter Chen regularly met his parents with many gifts, to help them live in a grand manner. But nobody knew how Chen had got those riches since the queen had asked him not to tell anyone about her secret.

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