Bedtime Audio Stories in English - The Tailor Warrior

 The Tailor Warrior

Tipu was a poor tailor. All-day he toiled and lived from hand to mouth. One day, Tipu had much hard work to do for it was the wedding of some rich man's son. Up and down and in and out flew his needle and thread. When at last Tipu finished his work, he noticed that a swarm of flies was merrily sipping his tea. With a piece of cloth, Tipu gave them one big whack, and lo, they all dropped dead. "One, two, three..." Tipu began to count, "nineteen, twenty!" Tipu had an idea. Quickly he stitched a waistband for himself and on that he embroidered the words, "Twenty at one stroke!" From that day on Tipu, the tailor was never seen without his waistband. News of his strength spread far and wide. At weddings and market side gatherings, Tipu was the talk of the town. Robbers and bandits no longer harassed the townsfolk. For who would dare to lay his hand on the neighbors of a man who had killed twenty men at one stroke?

And that was what everyone believed! That is the meaning they read in Tipu's band! One day, the king called Tipu to his court, "Young man," said the king, "I have heard a lot about your heroic deeds." Tipu bowed at the compliment. "You boast of having killed twenty men at one stroke. Well, I want you to kill just one, the giant who dwells in the forest that surrounds our kingdom. For years he had been a menace. He has bullied our villagers and killed our sheep and cattle in staggering numbers. No one has been able to capture him. If you succeed, my daughter and this beautiful palace are yours, but if you fail..." And the king left the sentence hanging in mid-air. "My lord, I value my head as much as I value your words. Prepare for the wedding," said Tipu confidently, "I shall be back in two days with the giant's head." Tipu went into the deep forest. Towards evening when the shadows had lengthened, he came across a mansion with huge iron gates. Tipu picked up a stone and knocked on the gates. Like cannon shot boomed a voice from inside, "Who's there?" "Twenty at one stroke!" shouted Tipu. The iron gates opened with a big clang and there stood a giant fifteen feet tall. Poor Tipu reached only up to the giant's knees. "What can a midget like you do?" bellowed the giant and he burst his spleen with laughter. "Give me shelter for tonight and tomorrow I shall prove to you that I am stronger than you." The giant, more amused than surprised, admitted Tipu into his palace.

The next day, after breakfast, Tipu and the giant set out to prove their prowess. The giant picked up a stone and said, "Let's see who can throw the highest." And he threw the stone. Up and up and up went the stone and it seemed it would touch the clouds but then it started falling and very soon dropped to the ground. "Your stone didn't even reach the clouds. Look at mine. It'll go up so high that the sun will gobble it up." So saying Tipu released a tiny bird from his hand which he had hidden all along in his pocket. Up and up and up went the bird until it disappeared into the clouds The giant waited for it to come down but it didn't. "Well, you win," said the giant in a bad mood. "But that was child's play. Let's see who can uproot more trees." The giant passed a rope round several tree trunks and then gave a mighty tug. Crash! Down came the trees. "Your turn now, midget," said the giant. Tipu pretended to look at the rope for a moment. "Is this the longest rope you have?" he asked the giant who nodded dumbly. "I want one long enough to go round the whole forest so that I can uproot all the trees together." The giant was startled. "No, no," he said quickly. "I don't want you to pull down the whole forest. Well, you win. But this time I'll show you!" Tipu followed the giant atop a hill. "Let's again throw a stone but this time we'll see who throws the farthest." The giant threw with all force at this command. The stone went shooting through the air over the forest and then dropped with a splash into the sea. Tipu picked up a stone in hand and then started shouting. "You...there...Look...out!."

"Why are you shouting?" asked the giant angrily. "I'm warning the people across the sea. My stone might hit them on their head," replied Tipu. The giant stamped his foot in rage. "You win again!" The giant was seething inside. "I'll race you down to my mansion. If you lose I'll cook you alive. One, two, three, go!" Just in time, Tipu clutched at the giant's belt. The giant didn't feel a thing for Tipu was light as a feather. He ran like the wind until he reached the mansion. Out jumped Tipu smiling. "This little exercise seems to have tired you!" The giant's brow was dripping with perspiration. He looked at Tipu agape but did not say a word. That night Tipu sat down to have dinner with the giant. There was an ugly glint in the giant's eyes. Tipu knew he had to either escape or get rid of the giant or the giant would kill him for he was very angry. Dinner over, the two of them filled their goblets with wine. "I bet you can't drink as much wine as I can," Tipu challenged the giant. The giant gave a contemptuous grunt and started drinking goblet after goblet. He emptied two barrels. "Enough," cried the giant. "I can't drink a drop more." "Tired already?" teased Tipu. "Now watch me drink." Tipu emptied goblet upon goblet. But he wasn't drinking at all. Under his dress was concealed sheepskin bag and Tipu carefully poured everything into it. The giant was too drunk to notice anything. When Tipu's hidden bag was full he took a knife from the table and said, "Look at me." He plunged the knife into his stomach. Out poured all the red wine. "See, all my blood is flowing out and yet I haven't lost an ounce of my strength," said Tipu. "What's so great about that," said the giant. "I can do it too!" He took a knife and plunged it into his stomach. Out poured red blood onto the floor like a river. The giant instantly fell dead. Tipu returned to the king the next morning with the giant's head. As promised, the king gave him a palace and his daughter and Tipu lived happily ever after.

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