Bedtime Stories For Kids - Cured By Ogress

 Cured By Ogress

If Victor was most idle, his wife Violet was most timid. These two defects in the couple created a lot of problems. Otherwise, they were so good. Violet worked hard cultivated a small but excellent orchard beside her house. One day she insisted that her husband carry a bunch of bananas to the market, for it was expected to fetch a much higher price there than it would in the village. "Buy a mirror if you receive enough money to pay for it," Violet told him. Very reluctantly Victor went to the market. He sold the bunch at a good profit and bought a mirror. But he felt too lazy to take to the long road back to the village. So, he entered a forest through which lay a short cut. It was late in the afternoon and he felt sleepy. He lay down under a tree. It so happened that the particular tree was the dwelling of an ogress. The ogress who was asleep in the tree suddenly woke up when Victor's mirror reflected sunlight on the face. She jumped down. Victor stood up with a startle. The sudden appearance of the ogress before him made him nervous. He held up the mirror to hide his face from the stare of the ogress. "Say that! You are an ogress like me! Good. But how could you make your body like that of a human being? I would like to learn that trick. I will like to move about among human beings!" said the ogress. She had mistaken her own reflection in the mirror to be the face of Victor.

Victor got back his courage. He removed the mirror. "I see, you can change yourself to a male human being at wish! I knew ogresses can do that, but I do not know the magic myself! Please impart the lesson to me." "Don't worry. I will do the needful. But before you can be eligible to learn that magic, you have to learn many more things. You have to behave like human beings, bathe, trim your nails, comb your hair, so on and so forth!" said Victor. "I'll do everything you ask me to do. Please come here every day and teach me the lessons." "I'll do that. But you see, I live like a human being among true human beings. I have a home and a wife. How can I come every day?" asked Victor. "If you don't, I will find out your home and kill you and your wife!" roared the ogress. "All right, sister, all right, I'll come." Victor did not say a word of the encounter to his wife because he knew that the news would terrify her. But the next day he reported in the forest and found the ogress looking quite fresh. She had taken a bath in the river, had trimmed her nails, and combed her hair.

"Good. Human beings walk slowly and rhythmically like this," said Victor, showing her how to walk. She followed him step by step. After an hour Victor took leave of her. "Come tomorrow, or I'll..." "I'll come, I'll come," promised Victor. Victor had to come day after day to teach the ogress how to speak, how to smile, how to address others, and so on. Violet was happy that her lazy husband had suddenly become active. But try as she may, she could not find out the nature of his activity. She got suspicious and on the fifth day, she followed her husband stealthily. The forest scared her, but she was determined to find out the secret of her husband's activity. Victor duly reached the shadow of the tree and the ogress greeted him. "Today you must teach me how to sing," she pleaded with Victor. "Very well." Victor sat down and began to sing. Violet was hiding behind a bush. She could not see the face of the ogress. All she understood was, Victor was entertaining an unknown woman to a song. She burst out of the bush, broke a branch from a nearby tree, and rushed upon the two.

Victor looked back and was startled to see his wife advancing towards him menacingly. He ran. The ogress, who took Violet to be a member of her own species, thought it wise to run too, for the one who was attacking them must have been more ferocious than an ogress. Soon the ogress outran both and disappeared into the deepest part of the forest, but not before Violet had had a glimpse of her figure. She stopped. Victor too stopped. Violet began to weep. Slowly Victor came closer to her and said, "Violet, you must listen to me patiently. You have seen that she was an ogress. It is out of fear that I had to teach her some lessons." He narrated to her all that had happened. Violet understood and smiled through her tears. "I should be happy that the ogress made you get over your laziness," she commented. "Should I not be happy that the ogress made you get over your fear?" observed Victor. Both laughed and returned home.

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