Fairy Tale For Kids - Journey To The Giant's Den

Journey To The Giant's Den

"My boy, will you go to the forest today and gather some wood? This afternoon we could sell them in the weekly market," said Billy's mother. Already two hours had passed after the sunrise, but Billy was not yet to arise from his bed. Now he yawned and said, "Mother, why do you ask me to do such dull things? I don't mind even braving into a giant's den, for there is a thrill in doing that, but going to gather wood? Well, mother, better spare me of that duty!." Billy's mother sighed and went to the forest herself. When she had gathered enough wood to make a good stack, she returned home. She cooked for her son. After they had their food, Billy lay down again. His mother carried the stack to the weekly market. The market was miles away. She took a short-cut, a way that had fallen into disuse for long. Near an abandoned well, she set her burden down and sat down herself for a moment's relaxation. In the process, she uttered, "oof!" Next moment what should she see but a giant popping out of the well. "Why did you call me?" he asked, trying to make his voice as gentle as possible. Trembling from fear, the woman said, "But I did not call you!" "How is that? I distinctly heard a female voice calling my name - oof!" asserted the giant. "Well, I had uttered the sound no doubt, but I had no idea that Oof could be the name of a gentleman like you!" said the woman.

"I am no man, but giant. I was longing to hear someone call me by my name. Why are you laboring so hard at this age?" asked the giant. "I have a son who says he would rather brave into a giant's den than do such dull things as carrying wood to the market. That is why I have to labor hard," informed the woman. "I am pleased with you. I will give you a handful of gold coins. If you bring your son to me, I will give him more. I have never known a fellow who looked forward to entering the giant's den. I will like to meet your son." "O noble giant, do you believe that a mother will ever lead her son to a giant?" asked the woman frankly. "Look here, auntie, the giants of my species do not eat human flesh. Don't fear. Bring your son along," said the giant. The woman left her stack there and went home. Billy was feeling guilty for making his mother do all the work. Now, when he saw his mother returning with gold coins, he was about to swoon away in surprise. But he composed himself and insisted on knowing how she got the treasure. She had to tell him. "I must go and befriend the giant," announced Billy. "No, my child, that is not necessary. This much gold ought to bring us much prosperity. No use risking your life," said the mother. "Mother, all my life I have thirsted for adventure. Now, here is an opportunity to have it. You must not stand between myself and the giant!." Billy rushed out of the home. His mother had no other go than to follow him.

"Oof, Oof!" they called, looking into the well. And before long Oof, the giant emerged out of it. "Glad to meet you!" said Billy, bobbing a courtesy. "So am I. I just wanted to have somebody for a guest for a few days. You human beings are fond of gold. Well, I can give you plenty," promised the giant. "I don't mind accepting your hospitality. But how do you expect me to live in a well?" asked Billy. "Ha! Ha! You must jump down with me to see how!" said the giant and he disappeared into the well. "Very well, I jump." Billy jumped down before his mother could stop him. Next moment Billy found himself in a beautiful castle, surrounded by a garden. "Be happy and eat the sweet fruits heaped here. Let me go out in search of food. But do not go into the garden. If you go, I'll come to know of it and punish you!." Saying this, the giant went out. The very next thing Billy did was to step into the garden. He was about to pluck a flower when he heard a voice saying, "Don't pluck it! Other flowers will complain to the giant and he will kill you!." The speaker was a girl. She lived in a hut. A prisoner of the giant, she was required to look after the garden. "I understand that this giant does not eat human flesh!" said Bhanu. "It is true that he does not relish human flesh. But the day he would fail to lay his hand on an animal, he will turn you into one and devour you!" warned the girl. "How would he do that?" queried Billy.

"He would ask you to drink a glass of magic water. Then he will suggest that you wish to turn into a deer yourself for the sake of fun! If you so wish, you shall indeed become a deer. He will then kill you. The fact is, once you drink that magic water, you can become anything you wish to become!" informed the girl. It so happened that the giant returned without any prey. He offered Billy a glass of magic water and said, "Just drink it and wish to become a deer. Then you will see the fun. I shall give you a sackful of gold." "What if I don't drink?" asked Billy. The question angered the giant. "I will kill you if you don't!" he growled out. "Very well!" said Billy and he drank up the water. But instead of wishing to become a deer, he wished to become a dove. Before the giant had understood anything, he flew away through the well. The giant hurriedly drank up a glass of magic water himself and became an eagle and pursued the dove. The dove flew and reached the king's garden. The eagle was going to swoop down upon it when the dove entered the palace and flying into the room of the princess, changed into a flower and fell on her lap. The surprised princess took it up and placed it on her bed. Billy then changed into a prince. The princess shrieked. But he calmed her with a smile and told her his exciting experience. The giant, in the form of the eagle, saw Billy through the window. He turned into a gentleman and met the king and whispered to him, "I am afraid, an unknown young man has entered the chamber of the princess!." 

"Really?" the king expressed surprise. He then rushed into his daughter's room and found the young man. "Come on, I shall try you," said the king and he dragged Billy out to the court. As soon as Billy saw the giant in the form of a gentleman, he turned into a grain. Instantly the giant changed into a cock and tried to gobble up the grain. But in the twinkle of an eye, the grain changed into a jackal and killed the cock. Then Billy returned to his original form and narrated his adventures to the king. Soon he went back to the well. His poor mother was still waiting for him there, nearly dying with anxiety. Billy jumped into the well again and informed the girl about the giant's death. "I'm so happy! He had eaten up my brother, changing him into a deer!" she said. Billy led the girl to her parents, with a sackful of gold as a gift. He then met the king and offered to buy one of his castles into which he could transfer the giant's wealth. "Why buy? You marry my daughter and a castle shall be yours as a present from me!" said the king. "I am no prince!" murmured Billy. "One who marries a princess automatically becomes a prince!" assured the king and laughed. The marriage was a grand affair.   

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