Moral Stories For Kids - Ivory Ring

 The Ivory Ring

Ronny and Sam were neighbours. Both were young and intelligent. But Ronny worked hard in his fields and earned enough to maintain his small family. Sam, however, was lazy and led a luxurious life. As a result, he had to borrow a lot of money. In order to clear his debts, he sold his lands. But he was rather lucky. His uncle, who died childless in a distant town, had left some money with trust. The trust sent Sam a fixed amount every month while passing on a larger amount to school and hospital. Sam cursed his uncle for not leaving something more for him, forgetting that the uncle might not have left anything at all for him! Once every month Ronny and Sam went to the town to buy their requirements to last a month. They went together because it was not safe for any of them to walk alone through the forest. Once while returning Ronny asked his friend, "Have you heard about the threat to our kingdom? The powerful neighbouring king is planning to attack us, while our king is still to come out of his bereavement at the queen's untimely death." "What does it matter who rules the kingdom!" commented Sam. Ronny did not say anything. After a while, he said again, "What a pity there has been no rain this season. Our crop is about to dry up!" "What does it matter to me if the crop dries up! I've disposed off my lands!" said Sam. Just then a horse-drawn carriage belonging to a relative of Sam came that way. "Sam, if you like, you may join me in the carriage!" shouted the relative. "Don't mind!" said Sam looking at Ronny, accepting his relative's offer. Ronny felt sad over his neighbour's behaviour and walked fast.

He stumbled against a boulder and fell down. The bundle on his head fell down and the items lay scattered. He fainted. When he recovered his senses, it was evening. He began collecting the items on the ground and in the process found an ivory ring under a bush. He wore it on his middle finger. The next moment, before his eyes, flashed a castle. He was surprised. Had it anything to do with the ring? he wondered. When he removed the ring, the castle disappeared. He put on the ring again and approached the castle cautiously. He stepped into a hall and, to his utter amazement, saw three beautiful damsels. He understood that they were not human but supernatural beings, probably nymphs. The nymphs were no less amazed at seeing Ronny. "How come you could see us?" they asked. "Did you by any chance find an ivory ring?" "I did, indeed! And if I am lucky enough to see you, it is on account of the ring's magic powers," said Ronny. "Right now the three of us will grant you three boons if you agree to return the ring to us," said one of the nymphs. "I shall return the ring even without asking for a boon. Obviously, the ring belongs to you," said Ronny. "Thanks. But you can have the three boons since we have already promised them to you," said the second nymph. "We will tell our names and you should utter each name seven times and ask for a boon."  Ronny bowed to them. He then uttered the first nymph's name seven times and said, "Let our king's enemy have a change of heart so that he does not attack our kingdom." After uttering the second name, he said, "Let there be enough rain in our area to give us a good crop."  Then chanting the last name he said, "Let my family always remain content with whatever I can earn through my honest labour." Ronny was thereafter about to take off the ring when the nymphs said, "You're indeed a selfless person. Please keep the ring with you so that you can communicate with us in future if the need arises. Now go home and lead a happy life." 

Ronny gratefully bowed to them and left the place. By then darkness had enveloped the forest. He spent the night on a tree and started for home at daybreak. Meanwhile, his wife was awfully worried when he did not return home. When she heard Sam had come away leaving him in the forest, she was in tears. Sam was also a bit worried, not because he cared for Ronny, but because the villagers might blame him for his selfishness. Again and again, he peeped into the neighbour's house to find out if Ronny had returned. When he was back home, Ronny narrated to his wife his strange experience in the forest and handed over the ring to her. "Keep it near our family deity. It is sacred," he said. Soon there was rain. The next day, they also heard that the enemy king had appealed for a truce. Sam who was coming to meet him, had stopped near the window when he overheard him. He hurried back to his wife. "You must somehow manage to steal the ivory ring. I shall meet the nymphs and obtain three boons." The lady plucked some flowers and slowly entered Ronny's house through the rear door. She guessed that Ronny's wife would be cooking. "My sister! I've brought some flowers for you. You may offer them to the Goddess," she said enthusiastically. "It's so sweet of you!" responded Ronny's wife. "Please leave them near the idol." Sam's wife did so and picked up the ring and went out and handed it over to her husband. Sam's mother was old and ill. She had been bedridden for long and she had listened to the conversation between her son and his wife. "My son, please allow me to ask for a boon out of the three," she said. "Very good," agreed Sam. "And I must have one boon of my choice," said Sam's wife.

"All right," said Sam as he went out. With the ring on his finger, it was easy for him to find the mysterious castle. The moment the three nymphs saw him, they understood that the fellow had somehow got the ring from Ronny. "What do you want?" they asked. "Three boons, of course!" replied Sam. "You'll have them, provided you return the ring," they said. "I also know the method to receive the boons. One must recite your names seven times each. Am I right?" he asked. "You're right." "Now that you have agreed to grant me three boons, I'll get home and let my mother and wife ask for a boon each along with me," he said and handed over the ring to them. The castle and the nymphs vanished as soon as he had done so. He returned home and asked his mother and wife to ask for a boon. Three of them started chanting the name seven times. His mother was the first to ask for a boon. "Let me lead a healthy life for a hundred years!" At once she looked healthy and bright. But her daughter-in-law flared up saying, "What's this? Couldn't you ask something for our house?" "Why are you angry with my mother?" Sam scolded his wife. "She has got back her health. What if our house is destroyed?" "You wouldn't mind if our neighbour has a place filled with gold!" said his wife. Both had just finished saying so when Sam's house was destroyed and Ronny had a palatial house filled with gold! Needless to say, their words were taken as their wishes! In shame, Sam and his family left the village. 

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