Funny Story For Kids - Everything Is Possible!

 Everything Is Possible!

In old old days, on the mountain top there nestled a wee little hamlet. In it stood a wee little house and in it lived a merry little couple. They were sweetly known as Master and Madam Chin Tong. They were poor, hard-working farmers and owned a small stretch of land. They survived on what their precious plot gave them and it was just enough for both. One day as Master Chin Tong was digging, his spade struck something hard and solid. Soon he unearthed a big round empty pot. He carried it to his wife thinking that it would be of some use to her. "O dear, what have you brought?" she asked rather surprised, helping him to lower his burden. "I found this vessel buried in our land. I'm sure it will be of some use to us," replied Chin Tong. "Let me see," said Madam Chin Tong and stooped to inspect it. As she did so, her ring slipped off and fell into it. She threw her hand into it again in search of the ring. Lo and behold, her hand met with not one but two rings, and both exactly alike. The couple stared at them in disbelief. "Let's now drop into it our pouch of ten gold coins, our only savings, and see what happens to it," suggested the farmer.

But what do you think the pot gave them back? Two similar pouches with the same number of gold coins in each of them. Then they put the twenty gold pieces in one bag and dropped them into the vessel. Instantly they got back two bags, each containing twenty gold coins. In this way, the poor couple gathered a large number of gold coins. For a long time, they thus amused themselves by dropping all sorts of things into the pot and then drawing out two of every item. At sundown the following day, when Master Chin Tong returned from work, a strange sight met his eyes. He found Madam singing with her head right inside the pot which was echoing and reechoing back her voice loud and clear. "It's amazing! This magical vessel also duplicates human speech!" he exclaimed throwing up his hands. "Yes, dear husband! Isn't it fantastic!" replied his wife drawing her head out and looking back with great excitement. In the process, she lost her balance and tumbled right into the great vessel. Nervous little Chin Tong at once made a dash to his wife's rescue. With much difficulty, he did pull her out. But alas, the moment he had done so he found another pair of legs sticking out of the pot. He managed to pull them too and set their owner safely down. Lo and behold, whom did he see standing before him? None other than Madam Chin Tong, his wife! Bewildered he looked to his right and there again stood his wife, Madam Chin Tong, exactly alike, to the tiniest mole on the tip of her nose. "How can we afford to have another Madam Chin Tong in the house?" objected the farmer's wife. "Just throw her back into the pot!" "What? You suggest that I pull out two more wives! Then what will I do with three of them?" sighed Master Chin Tong stepping back and accidentally tripping over and falling straight into the pot. So, both the twin-like ladies immediately set about in rescuing Master Chin Tong. No sooner had they managed to do so than another Chin Tong leaped out of the magical pot.

Now they all faced an unusual dilemma. How can so many Chin Tongs live under one tiny roof? Then Madam Chin Tong said in a pondering manner, "Isn't it true, dear husband, that the pot had given us enough in advance to meet such a situation? Indeed, it is a joy to realize that there really exists a new Master Chin Tong of you and a new Madam Chin Tong of me!" Master Chin Tong gave serious thought to his wife's sudden revelation. Then he happily proposed the following solution. "In that case dear wife, let's build a new house for the new Chin Tongs and then construct a new one for ourselves too next to theirs!" So it was, with the money they had gathered from the pot, two similar little houses were built for the two pairs of Chin Tongs. From then on, the farmer and his wife, whatever they got for themselves, they always produced another just like it with the help of the pot and gave it to their new selves. So the Chin Tongs lived happily ever after. They never knew any want, for the magical pot was always there to help them out. But the simple folks of the village are still unable to solve the mystery behind the farmer's sudden windfall and the mystery of their duplication. When they behold the four Chin Tongs together taking a stroll, they just goggle their eyes and say, "Everything is possible!" But the rational ones among them reason out, "Perhaps our familiar Chin Tong had a twin brother and his wife had a twin sister and the second pair too were a married couple, but lived far away and have at last come to live with the first." When some of the villagers ask one of the Chin Tongs, he would smile and say, "Everything is possible!"

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