Write Seventeen English cursive letters easily by learning three strokes

Learn 17 cursive letters with three strokes

We all know that it is quite challenging for kids to write cursive letters especially when they have issues writing well. However, if we can tweak the letters a bit it would be very easy for the kids to write most of the letters by learning only three strokes. Though some letters may not be exactly as prescribed in the textbook if we can give this method as a first step then improvisation is not a big deal once the kids get accustomed to the style of writing. Let's see what those four strokes exactly are:

Stroke 1:

The first stroke is just a slant line to the right and a standing line.

Stroke 2:

The second stroke is just an extension of the first stroke by putting a little curve to the right. Once the child masters the first stroke the second stroke should be nothing but a piece of cake.

Stroke 3:

The third stroke is just a half curve slanting to the right. Since this resembles a tick mark  

 The kid can practice the check mark first and improvise it by curving it a bit. 

Once the three strokes are mastered let's see what alphabets can be easily written using them.

Stroke 1 Alphabets:

Letters f, h, j, k, and p can be written using the first stroke. You can see the base stroke and then the remaining alphabet in a slightly different color.

Stroke 2 Alphabets:

Letters l, b, i, and t can be written using the first stroke. Similar to the previous letters once you put the base stroke the remaining alphabet can be completed easily. You can write 'v' and 'w' as well with this stroke by a little modification and might require additional practice.

Stroke 3 Alphabets:

You can call this stroke a masterstroke, because this not only helps in writing six letters but also helps in developing a free-flowing hand after the stroke is mastered. This makes the joining of letters easy when they start writing words at a later stage. Letters a, c, d, g, o, q can be written using this stroke. 

As we have seen we can write almost seventeen letters by learning the three strokes mentioned above. All it takes is a little bit of practice and your kid is good to go!

If your kid is having writing issues like dysgraphia or not willing to write for some other reason see if the below helps.