Moral Stories For kids - Trick That Worked

 Trick That Worked

Ronny was very hospitable. If anybody were to visit him, he would offer his hospitality and provide facilities for their stay in his house for any length of time. However, nobody stayed for more than a day or two or three days. Except for one of his own relations, Max remained in Ronny's house for a full week. He never doubted if such a long stay would not inconvenience the others in the family. They just tolerated his presence. He made himself comfortable and enjoyed his long stay. Max had the habit of teasing everybody and deriving pleasure out of their predicament. One day, Ronny's son Kevin drew a picture of a horse and showed it to their guest. "What picture is this?" Max made fun of the boy. "Do you call this a horse? It looks like a donkey!" Everybody in the room laughed on hearing Max's remarks. Kevin felt ashamed of himself. "Kevin, you seem to have imagined a donkey when you drew a horse. Do it the other way around. Imagine a horse and draw a donkey. It won't be a donkey, but a horse!" added Max. There was again a burst of loud laughter from everybody in the room. Kevin's parents and some other family members did not quite approve of Max's pranks. They were angry with him but did not want to show any discourtesy to him. So, they kept quiet. Kevin took his drawing to their neighbor. "Did you draw this, Kevin?" asked Richard. "It's very good. The horse looks real."

Kevin was happy. There was at least one person who complimented his talents. But he had a doubt. "Why then Uncle say that this is a donkey and not a horse?" Richard consoled him. "Who? Max? He's just being mischievous. Don't worry. You can come here and draw your pictures. I shall guide you." Kevin from then on would go to his neighbor's house whenever he felt like drawing pictures. Of course, he would show them to Max, who always had some critical comments to make fun of the boy. Richard once asked him, "What does your uncle say these days?" "He continues to find fault with my drawings," said Kevin. "If I draw a dog, he would call it a duck, if I draw a youngster, he would say he looks like an old man!" "All right, I shall make a drawing and give it to you," said Richard. "Don't show it to Max, show it to the others first. He would grab it from you and look at it. You can then watch his reaction." Richard was a fairly good artist. He drew a portrait of Max himself and gave it to Kevin. As instructed, the boy took it to his father first, "It's a pig!" remarked Ronny. "It looks like a lazy donkey!" opined Kevin's mother. "I think it's a picture of an old buffalo," commented Kevin's grandfather. Kevin showed it to everybody in the room, and none of them said the portrait was that of Max. He was intrigued. Why did Kevin not show the picture to him first, as was his practice?" "Everybody seems to have a different opinion. Let me see it, Kevin. I'll tell you what exactly it is." "No, Uncle, you'll have something to say about it to make fun of me," said Kevin feigning shyness. However, Max managed to take it from his hands. He was surprised. It was his portrait, still, it was described varyingly as a pig, a donkey, a buffalo, and many other things. He suddenly fell silent. He knew he had earned the displeasure of the family, all because of his mischievous behavior. He had tried to make fun of a little boy in front of all others. 

Now they got an opportunity to mock at him. He packed his box and left the place. After he had left, Kevin's grandfather called him and said, "Kevin, we were all in a dilemma, and you saved the situation. Your drawing spoke for all of us! He has gone away without uttering a word!" Kevin did not know what to say. The picture was not his handiwork. Just then, Richard came there. "Your little grandson has a lot of talents. But still, he felt discouraged by the criticism made by your relation, Max. That's not what elders should do. They must encourage young talents. Whatever he drew did not elicit any good word from Max. Then I thought of this practical joke. And it had its effect. Kevin has a bright future. Wait till he becomes a talented artist." "We'll do our best to encourage him," said Ronny, who was listening to what Richard was telling his father. 

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