How to get Blogger AdSense approval 2021

Rejection of your AdSense request with the cliché message, "Your site is not eligible or does not comply with AdSense guidelines" is really confusing because you will not understand what exactly went wrong from the message. So I decided to share my experience with AdSense approval.

Adsense rejected

I am listing below the steps that were followed to get AdSense approval for this blog. Getting approval is no rocket science but it can be a bit tricky.

Theme selection : 

I just wanted to get the approval without any questions, so I just selected a plain default blogger theme, without much decorations. The reason for choosing blogger was to achieve the main objective of getting approval and later there is always time to build up on it. Keep it simple and that will work wonders.

Choose your Niche: 

Be clear on what you want kind of niche you want to post in the blog. If you are planning to put posts related to cooking stick to it, the more channeled your content the better. Yes, you can use random posts but here we are seeking a faster approach without raising any eyebrows. I was clear that 90 percent of my content would be kid's stories and made sure that my initial posts were strictly related to the same.

How many posts are actually needed to get the approval? 

This one does not have a particular answer, but from my case I can tell that 20-30 posts with good content should be sufficient to satisfy the criteria. But keep the posts to a decent length, because you should have engaging content first for the ads to display, else it would be like content between ads which should not be the case.

Do you need more traffic to get AdSense approval?  

This one is no brainer. You absolutely don't require any traffic to get the approval. Believe me, when I say no traffic, my blog got approved even when there are almost zero visitors. So Content is the King when it comes for your application.

Can I copy and paste content in the blog? 

This is a sure shot way of killing the blog's chances for getting the approval. Yes, you can get inspired, but make sure that most of your content is unique. You can check the uniqueness of your article by using free online plagiarism checker tools. The lesser the percentage of plagiarism the more value your blog carries. 

Can I use multiple languages in same blog?  

Absolutely! You can. There is no impact on your application for approval and this blog is a live example of it with content in two different languages. Of course, there are pros and cons of using this, but we are not going there as of now.

 Can I use other advertising partners before applying for AdSense? 

Don't do that. Keep your blog or website clean of any affiliate links or other advertising partners if you are looking to host google ads. It may cause compatibility issues and approval mechanism may not like that. There are scenarios where people use several advertising partners together but when our initial approval is of more priority it is better to stay clear and later you can do trial and error.

What pages are important? 

Privacy policy and About Us pages are very important because they have the information on how you are going to use the data that you are going to collect and whom to contact in case of any issues. This is sort of providing assurance to one and all that there will be a fair use of the data collected and you won't be doing any malicious activity of any sort. There are several templates available online and you can easily customize them to your requirements. As a matter of fact, you can use this blog's template as well but make sure you do the necessary changes as per your requirement!

How long should your posts be?

Keep your posts between 700 - 1000 words at the beginning. Most of my posts are within this range at the time of approval. I tend to make sure that there are no posts shorter than 600 words and as far as the upper limit is concerned sky is the limit but quality takes priority over quantity for ranking of the article! 

 How many days does it take to get the approval?

This is again a tricky question, but I got my blog approved for AdSense within a week's time, and it was during the pandemic time. So if all points are followed, ideally you should also be able to achieve it. If it takes more than a month I would say forget about it and move on.

What if nothing works? 

I have seen several cases where all the necessary steps are followed and still they are kept pending or rejected without particular reason. Don't get discouraged or throw your blog out. There are millions of other ways to monetize your blog or website. Concentrate on building your traffic and content and trust me better earning opportunities are present in the form of affiliate marketing and other advertising partners. It is not the end of the world! All the best.

Feel free to post your queries and I would be more than happy to answer them...