Printable Worksheets for LKG and UKG Kids

Maths WorkSheets:

The first and foremost thing is to learn numbers for kindergarten students. Here are the worksheets that will help them to trace numbers from one to a hundred. 

Numbers Tracing 1-20

Numbers Tracing 1-100

After learning the numbers, the second step would be to learn to count the number of objects. The worksheet below helps in learning to identify the number of objects.

Learn Counting Objects

After Counting, shapes play an important part in learning maths. The below worksheet contains several shapes which can be traced and make the kid identify them with name.

Tracing Shapes

After shapes, kids can be taught simple addition that will be the next step after learning to count. Simple worksheet to introduce addition.

Addition Worksheet 

English Worksheets:

No wonder kids need a lot of practice to learn alphabets as their hands need to get accustomed to the weird shapes. The only way is to keep tracing as many times as possible. The below worksheets help to trace the alphabets in both upper and lower case.

After learning the letters, it is important for the kid to remember the sequence and matching upper, lower case, fill missing letters, identifying pairs, vowels. The below worksheets help the kid to learn these.