Delightful fonts for Kids Learning Alphabets


While it is a difficult task to grab the attention of very young kids who just started learning alphabets, having the letters in a fun shape when they type can help them remember just by typing the letter and trying to figure out what the letter is! To just achieve that the three below fonts will definitely help. 

Kidsfun-regular Font:

This is a fun font for kids with alphabets having eyes and having a little bit of monster style. You can download Kidsfun-regular font at below link.

Font Preview:



Wouldn't it be easy for the kids to remember if there is an animal attached to the alphabet. Kids can correlate particular alphabet to the animal and can learn quickly. 

You can download the Kidsanimals-Regular font from the below link:

Font Preview:



Of course, cute monsters are kids favorite as they both scare and tickle the funny bones of the kids and they would love the alphabets in the shapes of their beloved monster.

You can download the Kidsmonster-Regular font from the below link:

Font Preview:


How to install the font?

Once the font is downloaded double click on the ttf or the otf file and in the pop up window just click on the install button the font will be added to the system. 

Open microsoft word and select the newly added font from the list of fonts. You can select the desired font color for more appealing impact to the kids as the default black color may not cause much interest.

Note: These fonts are free for personal use only, and if you have any ideas put it in the comments section, based on it more fonts will be created and added here for you to download for free.