Modular kitchen below 50000 rupees in India

When you buy a new house in India, it is quite natural that if you hire an interior designer it will cost you a hefty amount of lakhs of rupees. If budget is your main constraint and you are not too much emotionally attached and the main goal is to have a functional kitchen there are a few hacks for you.

Modular Kitchen

This is the favorite part for many people while designing interiors. But even for a basic kitchen it costs one lakh no matter what material you use. How to tackle it? First thing you should do is to measure your kitchen platform's height from ground. Most of the kitchen platforms are between the range of 33-36 inches in height. Once you know the exact measurement I hope you would have already got an idea on what would be coming next as this thought would have come to your mind at some point or the other. Yes, search for a kitchen cabinet online. But there is one problem.

Problem: Most of the kitchen cabinets are between 27-30 inches in height and have a flat bottom. 

Just have a look at the below product dimensions to get an idea.

Now, back to our problem's solution, since the gap will be visible between the platform and the counter top you can solve this issue in two ways.

First solution: 

Use plastic trays like the one below to cover the gap, which will also serve the purpose of storage. They cover 3-5 inches gap depending on the type of the tray you are choosing.

Second solution: 

If you absolutely don't want any gap to be there just get some nice sofa legs(or any furniture legs based on your availability) and fit it below the cabinet, it won't cost much and the gap problem will be resolved. As the standard legs will be 3-5 inches you can choose the product as per the requirement. Below product covers up to 4 inches.

If you still want to go cheaper and don't care about looks then you can go for washing machine legs which doesn't need any fitting and just can be placed below.

Now comes the million dollar question, what about the gap below the wash basin, how to use it? The simple solution is to fit a under sink plastic storage so that you can use the place most effectively. Though the place will look open when you keep things in an organized way it will look good and ease of access will be there.

You can search similar products, based on the dimension requirement.

ok, now what about the utensils? Since the wooden cabinets may get damaged if you place wet utensils you can go for a wall mounted utensil stand or place the stand below the platform if any place is left after putting the cabinet.

If you follow this process your modular kitchen will be done below thirty to forty thousand rupees at the maximum based on the quality of the cabinet you select. What if you still want to go cheaper and don't want to spend for cabinet as well and looks are of least botheration to you. Just go for the plastic kitchen cabinets like the one below. They are waterproof as well and the only drawback is they may not be pleasing to the eyes.

Choose something which matches your requirement and budget and there is no shame in saving a few bucks since money is not free for any one. Spend what is required and stay happy!

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