Beauty and The Beast bedtime story

 Beauty and The Beast bedtime story

Once upon a time in a land far far away, there lived a wealthy merchant and his three beautiful daughters. The third one though was far prettier and wiser than the others. So everyone called her "Beauty". On the other hand her sisters were jealous and mean. They were more interested in spending their father's money. Beauty used to dream about a handsome prince. She always thought that one day she will marry the prince and stay in a beautiful palace with him. Everything was happy in beauty's life like her dream. And one day, her fate changed. Due to a terrible storm, her father lost all his ships and so all his money. 

Soon all servants left the house because of merchant's poverty. Beauty was running the house, while the two sisters kept complaining about how they were living in poverty. Beauty always prayed to god to bring back the happiness on his father's face. And one day the merchant received the news that one of his ships was sailing into the harbor. The merchant gave the good news to his daughters and asked each of them what he should get for them when he returns from the harbor. The two daughters asked new dresses and jewelry but 'beauty' told his father that all she wanted is his safe return. father. But when the merchant insisted she asked him to get one scarlet rose for her. On this happy note, the merchant left for the harbor. As he reached the harbor he saw the ship was completely isolated and found out that all the crew ran off with the remaining cargo of the ship. Broken hearted the merchant started his journey towards home.

Lost in thought the merchant wanders off the road and lost into a dense forest. The snow was falling like all the ocean water had turned to snow. The horse was not able to walk in this dense snow. So he let him rest under a tree. In the distance he saw some bright lights and went towards it. It was a huge, beautiful palace. As he reached it, the gate made of shining gold swung opened. It seemed very strange that no snow had fallen in the avenue of the orange trees. The merchant made his way through a great hall. The merchant waits and looks around to see someone to come in. But after a long wait no one came to the place. There was a dining table with a fresh meal of dainty cakes and fruits. He lost no time in finishing his meal. After he eats his fill, he went upstairs. He opens the first door and saw a room with a nice clean bed and slept. The merchant opens his eyes to a bright new day. He found a new pair of clothes ready for him. He prepared himself and went down to the hall. The breakfast was ready on the table with milk, fresh juices and breads. He eats to his fill and gets up. As he stepped out, he saw as many roses as the eye can see. He promptly approaches the garden and picks out a rose. As soon as he plucked a rose, there was a loud growling sound behind him. As he turns around, he was standing in front of a tall monster with blood red eyes, teeth and claws sharp as a knife.

The monster growled, "Who told you to gather my roses? Was it not enough that I sheltered you in my palace? This is the way you show your gratitude? Your insolence shall not go unpunished." The merchant shivered and replied, "Forgive me my lord! I thought that the generous master who gave me food and lodging in my time of need would not mind if I took only one of the roses for my daughter. I have to go as my three daughters would be waiting for me." The monster said, "Well, I have an offer for you then. Bring one of your daughters to my palace. I shall keep her and in exchange you will be granted your freedom." The merchant agreed but the monster told that if at all any of his daughters agree to come it must be willingly and not on any other condition else she will not be allowed. Though he had accepted this proposal initially to save his life, but he did not really think that any of his daughters would be persuaded to come. The poor merchant more dead than alive, went back. The horse rode swiftly and reached the merchant's cottage in no time. His daughters rushed to meet him. 

While the other two daughters asked about their gifts 'beauty' asked how his journey was. After giving the rose to her, he told them about his ships and the beast. The daughters blamed 'beauty' that all this would not have happened if she did not ask for the rose. She felt responsible and decided to go back with her father to keep his promise. The merchant felt very sorry for bringing this bad fate to her. Beauty was firm on her decision. She encouraged and cheered her father and they started on the journey. While they were talking, the night fell. To their surprise, all the forest was illuminated like the entire universe was welcoming her. Soon they reached the road of orange trees and saw that the castle was brilliantly lighted. When they reached the great hall, they found a splendid fire burning and the table richly spread with a delicious meal. They were very hungry after the long travel. So both started eating the meal. But they had hardly finished their meal, when the noise of the beast's footsteps was heard approaching. The beast asked the beauty if she had coming willingly to which she responded yes. The beast further enquired, "Will you be staying here when your father goes away?" She fearlessly replied "Yes!". The beast ordered her father to leave and told him that he will find a horse outside loaded with trunks full of gold which is for him and rest of his daughters.

The father bid farewell to his daughter with a heavy heart. The horse took off and in an instant disappeared in the distance. The beast asked beauty to go upstairs and take some rest. Beauty opened the first door and found a beautifully decorated room. She lied down on the bed and instantly fell asleep. When she got up in the morning, she found her dressing table set out with everything she could possibly want. She found her lunch in the great hall. After the lunch, she sat down cozily in the corner of a sofa thinking if the horrible beast will keep her prisoner forever and if there was a way to escape. Thinking about this, again she felt asleep. It was the evening time. She heard the beast coming. The beast approached her and asked if she loved him and would marry him. She was hesitant to respond but the beast asked her to reply without hesitation. She denied his request and the beast just wished her good night and left silently. She was very glad to find her refusal had not provoked him. Every evening after supper, the beast came to see her and always before saying goodnight asked her if she will marry him. When she denied each time he went away quite sad in silence. As time passed by, beauty was no longer afraid of beast since he was always kind to her. Living in the palace was so much fun for Beauty. She amused herself in the garden. There were fountains, Orange trees, myrtle trees and the birds. Even the beast sometimes played the piano for Beauty and had long chats with her. So everything went on for a long time, until at last, Beauty began to long for the sight of her father and sisters. Seeing her look very sad, the Beast asked her, "What's the matter dear? You look so sad these days." Beauty replied, "I long to see my father again. Please let me go only for a week to see him, I promise to come back to you." The Beast asked her if it is because she hates him and wants to escape to which she said no and in fact tells that she feels very sorry to leave him for some time. The beast tells her that he cannot refuse anything she asks even though if it costs his life, and if she fails to come back in good time she will find him dead. She promises that she will never let that happen and the Beast gives her a ring and asks her to wear it and sleep because she will see her father after waking up. He mentions that when she wants to come back she can remove the finger and she will find herself in the palace again. The Beauty thanks him and hastened to sleep. The next morning she found herself in her own house's bed. 

Her sisters were astonished at her magical appearance. Father hugged her so tightly and started crying with happiness. Beauty told her father about the beast's kindness. After much consideration he replied, "You tell me yourself that the Beast loves you dearly and deserves your love and gratitude for his gentleness and kindness. I think you ought to reward him by doing as he wishes, in spite of his ugliness. " A week slipped by and beauty forgot all about returning to the castle until one night she dreamed that the beast was lying on the ground, dying. Beauty was so terrified by this dream and that very evening she said goodbye to her father and her sisters. As soon as she was in bed she removed her ring. Then she fell asleep instantly and woke up in the Beast's palace in the morning. She rushed to the spot where she had seen the beast dying. The beast was still there and wasn't moving much. But then looking at him again, she realized he was still breathing. She hastily fetched some water and sprinkled over his face, and to her great delight he began to revive. She was relieved and told the beast how much she loved him. The beast was in surprise and asked if she really loved such an ugly creature as him. She told him he had a kind and gentle heart and that is more than she could ask for in life. The Beast hesitantly asked if she will marry him and she immediately responded by saying yes. As soon as the beauty spoke the beast gets covered in blinding light and then floats into the air and descends back again as the charming prince. Beauty suddenly realized that he was the prince in her dreams. The prince thanked Beauty for releasing him from a terrible curse which was placed on him by a witch that he killed in the battle when she was dying. She cursed him that nobody could ever love him and turned him into a terrible beast, but the curse could be broken by true love. Beauty could not believe what was happening and their marriage was celebrated the very next day with utmost splendor. Finally the kindness won over the beauty. Beauty isn't about having a pretty face. It is about having a pretty mind, A pretty heart and most importantly a beautiful soul! The beauty and the prince lived happily ever after...  

"Beauty isn't about having a pretty face. It is about having a pretty mind, A pretty heart and most importantly a beautiful soul!"