English syllabus and worksheets for Grade 3

English Practice Worksheets 3 class:

English Worksheet I 

English Worksheet I Solutions

The above worksheet contains:

Write a common noun for each set of these proper nouns.
Circle the correct articles.
Write the plural form of these words.
Write definition with two examples: 
Choose the correct words.
Underline the proper nouns.
Pick out the nouns from the box and place it in correct section. 

English Worksheet II

English Worksheet II Solutions

The above worksheet contains:

Write the definition of the terms nouns, proper nouns, countable nouns and pronouns.
Match the proper noun name with common noun name.
Circle the correct nouns.
Write the plural form of the given words.
Circle the correct possessive pronouns from those given in bracket.
Write the common names given in the right columns.
Choose the correct words and fill in the blanks.
Rewrite the sentences by replacing the underlined words with the correct pronouns.   

English Worksheet III

English Worksheet III Solutions

The above worksheet contains:

Convert the given words to adverbs.
Tick (✔) against a proper sentence and cross (X) if it is not a sentence.
Underline the adverbs of place in the following sentences.
Complete the following with verb forms.
Rewrite the sentence into past continuous tense.
Identify the adverbs and state its kind.
Underline the correct preposition.

English Worksheet IV

English Worksheet IV Solutions

The above worksheet contains:

Circle the correct nouns in the following sentence.
Write ‘C’ or ‘N’ if these are countable nouns or non-countable nouns.
Define Pronoun.
Underline the correct Adjectives.
Match the following.
Rewrite the sentences by changing the underlined nouns to plurals.
Circle the incorrect words and write the correct words.   

English Worksheet V

English Worksheet V Solutions

The above worksheet contains:

Circle the correct articles.
Write ‘C’ for common nouns and ‘P’ for proper nouns.
Write the plural forms of the words.
Fill in the blanks with the plurals of the nouns.
Identify the Countable or uncountable nouns and write them in the correct column.
Complete the sentences by articles a, an, the
Underline the common nouns and circle the proper nouns.
Choose the correct words.  

Class 3 English Syllabus:

The CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) syllabus for 3rd-grade English typically covers the following topics:

Prose: Short stories and passages from textbooks that focus on comprehension, vocabulary building, and moral values. Students are expected to read and understand the given text, answer questions, and discuss the content.

Poetry: Simple and easy-to-understand poems that introduce students to different styles of poetry and poetic devices like rhyme, rhythm, and imagery. Students may be asked to recite poems, identify rhyming words, and discuss the meaning of the poem.

Grammar: Basic grammar topics such as nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and articles. Sentence construction, punctuation, and capitalization rules are also taught. Grammar exercises are given to practice these concepts.

Writing: Practice in writing short paragraphs, letters, and stories. Emphasis is on sentence formation, spelling, and handwriting. Students are encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas creatively.

Comprehension: Reading comprehension passages to test understanding, vocabulary, and inference skills. Questions based on the passage are asked to assess comprehension.

Listening and Speaking: Activities to improve listening and speaking skills such as listening to stories, reciting poems, and participating in group discussions. Emphasis is on clear pronunciation and expression.

Vocabulary: Building vocabulary through reading, word exercises, and contextual learning. Students are introduced to new words and encouraged to use them in sentences.

Literature: Introduction to literary concepts through stories, poems, and plays. Students learn about characters, settings, and themes in the context of the texts they read.

Environmental Studies: Some schools integrate environmental studies with English, incorporating themes like nature, animals, and conservation in the English syllabus.

Value-based Questions: CBSE emphasizes value-based questions to encourage moral thinking and reflection among students. These questions are often based on stories or poems and require students to think critically about ethical issues.

It's important to note that the specific content and emphasis may vary slightly between schools and regions, but the above topics generally form the core of the CBSE 3rd-grade English syllabus.